Premium LED Dome Solution
The Comprehensive Shared Reality Solution

An end-to-end experiential LED Dome solution boasting state-of-the-art structural engineering, innovative screen technology, experiential production capabilities, and an ever-expanding ecosystem of immersive content.

Design & Engineering

With 75 years of experience in specialized architectural treatments, free-standing structures, domes of all sizes, and unique immersive environments, Cosm empowers you to deliver the immersive spaces of the future, today.

CX Engine

A suite of applications for producing immersive experiences and Shared Reality events. Equipped with unmatched content creation and image processing capabilities, CX Engine is the most versatile immersive experience engine in the market.

CX System LED Panels
CX Pro

CX Pro is a production tool that incorporates flexible Unreal Engine environments with video and data-driven presentation tools to create powerful, live, immersive events. From multi-view video presentations with realtime graphics to corporate presentations, product launches, experiential events, and more: CX Pro makes producing immersive content quick and easy.

Image Processing

More than 40 years ago, Cosm's software engineers developed the first digital immersive processing engine. Today, CX Engine's industry-leading image processing capabilities address each pixel in the system, resulting in visually stunning, calibrated, and seamless content with no visual distortion or degradation on projection or LED domes.

CX Display

CX Display is the world’s first and only Software Defined Display. It brings content to life like never before by wrapping guests in an immersive LED dome with best-in-class resolution, brightness, contrast, and lifespan.

Immersive Camera
Immersive Content

Cosm Studios proudly offer the industry's most comprehensive fulldome show library. All shows are in fulldome format with immersive sound mixes compatible with any manufacture's fulldome system.

Digistar Projection System

The premier projection solution for planetariums and dome theaters, featuring NanoSeam projection screens, best in class projectors and Digistar, the world's most advanced planetarium software. Digistar is equipped with advanced show building capabilities, powerful realtime graphics, a robust astronomy database, and a universe of cloud content to educate and inspire global audiences.

Digistar Projection System