Premium Programming
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We are excited to offer a new, flexible approach to fulldome programming that will keep your audiences engaged and coming back for more! By participating in this affordable program, you will have access to exclusive new content on a regular basis, enabling you to select fresh new shows every year or keep what works for you.

We are partnering with fulldome studios and immersive creators to offer a wide range of content so you can easily tailor your yearly programming to meet your mission and grow your audience. Jenn Davis is available to personally assist you to develop a content program that fits your needs.

Cosm Productions

Oasis in Space

The film takes audiences on a tour of the universe and solar system in search of liquid water, the key ingredient for life on Earth.

Black Hole: First Picture

The 8K fulldome film features the creation of the world’s first image of a black hole with the Event Horizon Telescope.

Birth of Planet Earth

Birth of Planet Earth tells the twisted tale of our planet’s origins.

Atlas of a Changing Earth

Stunning, latest-generation imagery from space takes viewers into the dynamic processes causing climate change.

Benefits Include:
  • Films per year: Four (can be rotated on an annual basis)
  • Term: Five-years with option to cancel anytime
  • Pricing: Based on dome size and seat count
  • Additional Benefits: Access to Cosm Studios new releases, exclusive content, seat on “Cosm Studios Content Advisory Board”, participation in dome tests, creator meet-and greets audience feedback, and more.
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