Digistar Projection System

We Design, Build, and Integrate Immersive Theaters.

Digistar Display

The world's most advanced planetarium system supported by a worldwide community of users. Digistar is equipped with advanced production capabilities, powerful real-time graphics, a robust astronomy database, and a universe of community created cloud content to educate and inspire global audiences.

The NanoSeam Difference

NanoSeam is engineered to provide the most seamless projection surface possible. Whether under cove lighting or projection, a NanoSeam screen will appear free of shadows and imperfections that detract from the guest experience.

  • Panels installed with no overlapped, folded, or crimped seams
  • Panels attach to the frame with color-matched rivets that install flush to the surface
Nanoseam Display
Digistar Cloud Library
Digistar Cloud Library

The Planetarium world’s most powerful content resource, home to more than 1,700 presentation assets created by the Digistar Planetarium community.

  • Easily share and collaborate with Digistar Planetariums across the globe
  • Find uploads with just a few clicks in the user interface
  • Access fulldome images, 3D models, and inset videos
  • Discover full-length planetarium shows as well as scripts and control panel pages


Shanghai Astronomy Museum

The planetarium is the largest in the world and is one of the most impressive and innovative dedicated astronomy museums built to-date.

Liberty Science Center

The Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium at the Liberty Science Center is the largest planetarium dome in the Western Hemisphere, spanning nearly 90 feet in diameter.

Naval Academy Screen

The fully immersive screen at Akerson Theater is considered the “crown jewel” of the new technology-centric facility.