Prague Planetarium

Powered by Cosm Technology

  • Location

    Prague, Czech Republic

  • Date


  • Project Type


  • Dome/Screen Size

    Extended 22m

  • Resolution


Prague Planetarium, one of the world’s largest and most respected planetariums located in the heart of the Czech Republic, selected Cosm’s LED CX System for the renovation of its planetarium. As Europe’s first-ever LED dome, powered by Cosm Technology, Prague Planetarium will be the world’s most technologically advanced planetarium equipped with the first and only LED dome of its size in a planetarium.
Prague Planetarium
Europe's First LED Dome
Powered by Cosm Technology, Prague Planetarium’s renovation will pave the way for the next generation of planetariums, delivering unparalleled viewing experiences at the highest-level resolution, contrast, and brightness that can only be achieved through CX System, Cosm’s end-to-end immersive technology solution. Utilizing CX System, which includes Digistar 7, the world’s most advanced planetarium system, as well as a deep integration of Unreal Engine, Prague Planetarium will have the capability to showcase the most immersive, top-quality astronomy simulations and scientific visualizations in the world.