Cosm brings science and education to life by powering experiential learning environments in educational institutions, planetariums, science centers, museums, and custom immersive exhibition spaces around the world. With a 75-year history building the largest and most prestigious planetariums and science centers worldwide, Cosm’s end-to-end solution immerses audiences in learning and provides powerful storytelling tools to enhance curriculum and audience engagement in an entirely new and captivating format.
Shuttle Launch
Powered By Cosm Technology
Cosm’s end-to-end technology suite, CX System, delivers inspiring and interactive immersive environments that propel learning to new heights. The system’s hardware and software work in perfect harmony to power the next generation of multi-disciplinary and custom immersive exhibition spaces with compelling, dynamic content, and real-time visualization capabilities.
Driving and powering next-generation learning environments, CX System integrates custom-engineered, compound curved LED displays, CX Display, and industry-leading software, CX Engine, that boasts highly advanced calibration and blending capabilities and realtime rendering and content playback features. Our solution delivers an entirely up-leveled learning experience that inspires generations of today and the future.
CX System Rendering
Man Installing a CX Display LED Panel
Experience Wonder
Digistar is the world’s most advanced planetarium software and places a universe of content at your fingertips. From free-flowing live, interactive, and scripted presentations to realtime astronomy simulations, Digistar’s intuitive user interface and production environment makes it easier than ever to visualize the universe in compelling ways.
A Universe fo Fulldome Films
Cosm Studios fosters the art of fulldome filmmaking and the immersive creator ecosystem, producing and distributing the industry’s most comprehensive fulldome content library with more than 300 immersive films.
Compelling Cloud Resources
CX System empowers users to develop inspiring and educational content that pushes the boundaries of experiential learning. Impactful, pre-made content can be accessed through the integrated cloud functionality and the extensive creator marketplace available through CX Engine’s integrated Unreal Engine playback. These assets make it easy to build new and dynamic learning experiences that inspire wonder and awe.
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Fort Worth Museum of Science & History

Powered by Cosm Technology, this first-of-its-kind renovation will usher in a new generation of Omni-goers to experience transformational content.

Shanghai Astronomy Museum

The largest planetarium in the world and one of the most impressive and innovative dedicated astronomy museums built to-date.

Liberty Science Center

The Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium at the Liberty Science Center is the largest planetarium dome in the Western Hemisphere, spanning nearly 90 feet in diameter.

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