Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Cosm Experience Center brings immersive sports, entertainment, and unbelievable experiences to life in 8K resolution with corresponding sights and sounds.

Where Digital and Physical Worlds Meet
Experience Center guests feel the boundaries between the digital and experiential evaporate as they are completely enveloped in authentically recreated environments of the world’s most iconic places and events—all in real-time. Housing a suite of applications for producing immersive events and Shared Reality experiences, Cosm’s CX Display powered by CX Engine, the world’s first and only Software Defined Display, brings content to life in unparalleled ways by wrapping guests in an immersive LED dome capable of 8K+ resolutions. Within the immersive space, visitors can also view a NanoSeam Projection Display, the most seamless projection dome screen available.
The Experience Center is a prototype for future dome and Cosm Venue builds, which began in 2022. 
Cosm's Experience Center Dome in Salt Lake City
CX Display, Powered by CX Engine
The Experience Center showcases a 20-meter diameter immersive LED 8K+ compound curved display, Cosm’s CX Display, powered by CX Engine, the world’s first and only Software Defined Display. With unmatched image processing capabilities, each LED pixel in the system is individually addressed to deliver visually stunning, calibrated, and seamless content with no banding or distortion to transport guests anywhere real or imagined. CX Display is an LED solution that overcomes limitations of projection-based systems, resolving cross-reflectivity and providing unparalleled brightness, contrast, and resolution.
Powering the Experience Center’s CX Display, CX Engine is a suite of immersive software applications for producing immersive events and Shared Reality experiences. As the most versatile immersive experience engine in the market, CX Engine is equipped with numerous content production software applications including CX Pro, Integrated Unreal Engine Playback, video playback with multi-feed management, and Digistar for easy production of custom immersive experiences and flexible content options.