CX Engine
CX Engine

CX Engine is the most versatile and powerful immersive experience engine in the market with category-defining image processing capabilities. CX Engine is equipped with numerous content production software applications including CX Pro, Integrated Unreal Engine Playback, video playback with multi-feed management, and Digistar for easy production of custom immersive experiences and flexible content options.

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CX Engine’s real-time visuals power awe-inspiring Shared Reality experiences.

CX Pro

CX Pro is a production tool that incorporates flexible Unreal Engine environments with video and data-driven presentation tools to create powerful, live, immersive events. From multi-view video presentations with realtime graphics to corporate presentations, product launches, experiential events, and more: CX Pro makes producing immersive content quick and easy.

CX Pro
Integrated Unreal Engine Playback
Integrated Unreal Engine Playback

CX Engine integrates Unreal Engine for optimized playback and synchronization across any immersive display geometry, delivering custom interactive content for your audiences with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

Integrated Video Playback

CX Engine’s industry-leading video playback and multi-feed management enable easy 8K video playback and arrangement of various feeds on the display.

  • Manage video through traditional broadcast, video capture, livestream, or VOD playback
  • Easily play rectilinear feeds, 360 equirectangular, or fulldome content
  • Augment any video feed with 3D realtime environments
Integrated Unreal Engine Playback
Integrated Unreal Engine Playback

The world’s most advanced planetarium system supported by the worldwide community of users, Digistar is equipped with advanced show building capabilities, powerful real-time graphics and a robust astronomy database, and a universe of cloud content to educate and inspire global audiences.

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