Premium Programming
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We're proud to introduce our Premium Media Program, a new and flexible approach for planetariums running Digistar to access an expanding collection of fulldome films on a regular basis.

With a wide range of high-quality and award-winning immersive content offered as part of the Program, participants can easily tailor their yearly programming and engage with their local community in a meaningful way. As part of the Program's initial launch, Cosm Studios will offer 40+ fulldome films including three newly added productions by the American Museum of Natural History.

Cosm Productions

Oasis in Space

The film takes audiences on a tour of the universe and solar system in search of liquid water, the key ingredient for life on Earth.

Black Hole: First Picture

The 8K fulldome film features the creation of the world’s first image of a black hole with the Event Horizon Telescope.

Birth of Planet Earth

Birth of Planet Earth tells the twisted tale of our planet’s origins.

Atlas of a Changing Earth

Stunning, latest-generation imagery from space takes viewers into the dynamic processes causing climate change.

Benefits Include:
  • Four films provided per year, which can be rotated on an annual basis
  • Educational guides for classrooms and fieldtrips, along with marketing assets
  • Five-year term, license fee paid annually
  • Pricing based on dome size/annual attendance
  • Access to new Cosm Studios releases, exclusive content, dome tests, creator meet-and-greets, audience feedback, collaboration opportunities with Cosm Studios’ Content Committee, and more
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